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Title: Unknown
Length:420 w
Pairing: Jaeho ( Jaejoong POV)
Rating:PG 13
Genre: AU college, fluff
Summary: Life is about taking chances and you are ready to take yours.
Notes: for shigai :D, little oneshot/ comic strip,


You know this might be one of the craziest things you have done in a while (and you have an amazing tendency to do them) .
You barely know him, hell; you don’t even know his name! You just got to know his surname by chance (you could have just checked the class list or even asked around, but you didn’t want to look like a creeper- even though you might as well be one).
He is not from Seoul, he tries to hide it but his accent it's pretty obvious to you (and you love it).
He is standing in front of one of the first year’s grade panels. You give the first step, second step, and when you are finally close enough you stop and stay there like a statue (ok , nervousness is rather normal in this kind of situations).
Your sigh gives away your presence and you watch how he turns your way slowly, and the moment you look at his eyes you know this is one of these occasions.
Life is about taking chances and you are ready to take yours.
He is way taller than you had calculated from the distance so you have to stand on your tiptoes to be at eye level with him.


You let your hand move to the back of his neck. He looks startled and you really would have laughed at his expression if you were not about to kiss him in a few seconds.


You keep your eyes closed while your lips touch his. They are a little chapped and cold but they feel like the right place to be, your place.
You feel the hair of his neck rise and his hands grab your arms.


You decide to break the kiss before you make a fool of yourself (if you hadn’t already) and the moment you open your eyes he is looking straight at you with wide eyes and a phrase ready to leave his ( already known to you) lips. You cut him before he has the opportunity to say anything .

JJ: You looked like you needed a kiss- You say while trying to hold a smile.


You turn away and walk fast to your next scheduled class.

He stands still looking at your back, mouth half open and look glued to your back. He breathes in slowly and starts to laugh overtly, but you can’t see him.
Because you are already gone.
And you don’t know that maybe it was not as much fail as you expected it to be.


AHA, its been a while lol sorry for the crappy writing, i am not a writer : D. The pictures are taken form my symbolism notes , yes this is how i take notes in class. Jaejoong looks like a goddamn kid but he is supposed to be older than yunho and in college haha, but it's ok, i find it funny , it doesn't bother me XD.
Yunho is a pain in the ass to draw and look, i didn't even drew him that much but the last scene.... XD sorry yunho i am not cut to draw you mianhae m (_ _ )m.

So little left for xmas holidays : D
Tags: jaejoong, yunho
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