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Title: You We are the sweet music.
Length:1495 w
Pairing: Yoochun x Changmin
Rating:PG 13
Genre: Angst, not Au, happy ending ha!
Comment: entry on hushedembers's Secret Santa for theblackaffair .


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This could be all kinds of stupid but that was okay with him, because people needed to do stupid things once in a while. Because he needed this.
The car keys bounced inside his pocket, the metallic sound mixed with his own breathing as he run under the heavy rain.
The place was isolated, for which he was grateful. He could smell the brim of the sea, feel the rain soaking him to the bone and listen to his heartbeat running wild, but his face was the only thing he could see.
As if his legs had lost all their strength, he fell on his knees and breathed in deep, keeping his eyes shut.
What a way to fall.

Yoochun almost barked at Jaejoong when he told him that Changmin had taken his car without even asking. Jaejoong gladly offered his keys, only to add afterwards: “it’s out of gas, I want a full tank when you are back”, to which Yoochun replied, “you fucker, I am not going to pay for your full tank! your car burns twice as mine!”. Jaejoong smirked, “no gas , no car”. Defeated, Yoochun grabbed the car keys and stomped angrily out of the apartment.
He tried to call Changmin but his phone was out of reach. Normally it wouldn’t piss him off when people took his car, yet again, they always asked beforehand, plus today was his Grandma’s birthday and he wanted to pay her a visit.

Damn kid.

Luckily enough, he could reach the nearest gas station and he made it to his Grandma’s place in no time. She welcomed him with smiles and slowly guided him to the living room. Despite her slow movements she kept intact all the grace from her younger years; she was a strong woman, one that he had looked up to since he was a mere kid.
He bowed to say goodbye after a nice afternoon spent with his family and walked to Jaejoong’s car. His mobile phone was ringing over the driver’s seat, so he picked the call and was left nearly deaf by a low and strong shriek coming from Jaejoong’s mouth.

“You know, that is kind of scary, Jaejoong, ‘Hi, it’s me’ would have been enough.”

“Did you find Changmin?”

“Erm, no? I was at my grandma’s place for her birthday, what about Changmin?”

“I haven’t been able to contact him and it’s pouring down like there is no tomorrow. I am worried.”

“Have you called his mom? Maybe he went to visit his parents, or god knows, his friends.”

“I am serious Yoochun, something could have happened to him, this is not normal.”

“So what? Are you asking me to search for him in this weather?”

“I would do it myself but you have my car, you know. Besides, what a fucking excuse of a Hyung are you, aren’t you a little bit worried too?”

“Well sorry, but coming from you everything has to be taken with a little bit of salt. No offense but you can be a very good drama queen when you want to.”

“Pffft, shut up, crybaby.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, I will try to find him. He better be having a problem, otherwise I am going to kick his ass for making me drive under this weather. Your ass too.”

Jaejoong hung up without saying goodbye.

He drove for 3 hours until he spotted his car close to the Muuido beach in Incheon. He parked and even from the distance he could see a black mark. It had stopped raining one hour ago and the clouds were moving slowly, uncovering a sunset sky.
His heart was pounding strong and fast in his chest and a cold shiver ran through his spine as he got closer to what unmistakably was Shim Changmin lying on the sand. He ran to him, all kind of thoughts going through his mind at a vertiginous speed.

God, please, let him be okay.

He kneeled besides Changmin’s body and shook him. Changmin reacted and sat up immediately.

“Fucking shit, Yoochun! You scared the hell out of me, God!”

“I scared the hell out of you?!! ARE YOU STUPID?! You disappear for 8 fucking hours under one of the worst storms in months and appear in the middle of nowhere, lying on the floor soaked to the bone, and I scared you? What the fucking hell, man! god ! I should beat you up! Jeajoong was going ballistic with worry!”

“And you weren’t?”

Yoochun punched Changmin straight in the face.

“Don’t you fucking dare! What is wrong with you? What the hell are you doing here?”

“I wanted to feel the cold.”

Yoochun held Changmin’s face with both hands and looked into his eyes, but Changmin shove his hands off his face and broke eye contact.

“ What did you take?” said Yoochun with a low voice. Changmin looked at him with wide eyes.


What the fuck.

Changmin held an incredulous smile.
He tried to stand up but Yoochun made him sit down again roughly.

“Tell me what are you doing here, seriously.”

Changmin hid his face behind his hands.

“I don’t even know myself. It seemed like a good idea at first.”

“Well it has not been one of your most brilliant ones, that’s for sure.”

Yoochun couldn’t stay angry with Changmin for long, for he was sure something was troubling the young man and he cared for him too much to ignore that and kick his sorry ass. He might try later though.

“Don’t freak out on me, okay?”

Yoochun rose one of his eyebrows.


Changmin looked at him from the corner of his eye and then went back to the safety of his hands.

“Lately, I, well, you know, you and me and… hmmm, fuck…!”

“Me?“ Yoochun said out of the blue. Changmin froze and slowly unhid his face to look at him.


What did you say?



“Changmin, damn it , I was supposed to be the one freaking out here. What did I say?”

The tall lean boy stand up and started to run to the car, Yoochun tailing after him, until he suddenly stopped. Yoochun crashed against Changmin’s back and let out an “ooof”.

Changmin turned around and stayed still. He looked at his lips tentatively and then guided his eyes to Yoochun’s.


He stopped midsentence when he saw the maknae of his band leaning closer to him. When their lips met it was only a brush but it made Yoochun’s heart skip a beat . They didn’t break eye contact, not even for a split second, and they both stayed quiet for some time before Yoochun dared to open his mouth.

“O-K, that was unexpected.”

Changmin lowered his head and started to fidget with his wet clothes.

Yoochun closed his mouth and started to think, “well it could have been worse, like, well, it was not all that bad ,right? Even if it’s Changmin, our Changmin…he is a handsome guy, not that I hadn’t noticed already but just like… god I am rambling to myself…”

“It’s ok… I didn’t expect you to, well, say you love me or anything, I just needed to take it out of my chest, as selfish as it sounds. Yeah, that’s me.”

He showed Yoochun one of the saddest smiles he had seen in long time, and he knew that even if it was unexpected and crazy, he was supposed to love him back; the seed was there. It just needed to be watered slowly but surely, and he knew Changmin would take good care of it.

The clouds had disappeared and the sky was already full of stars when Yoochun kissed Changmin.

“It is still a little too early to utter such big words but, if you want, we can give it a try.”

It was far too dark to see properly but Yoochun could feel Changmin’s wide smile. He squeezed Changmin’s hand tighter before breaking his hold. He kicked Changmin’s ass softly which earned a little giggle form said boy.

“Told you I would kick your ass. Now, give me back my keys, you are driving Jae’s car back.”

“What? Why?

“You are all wet, you are not going to sit in my car.”

“Are you serious??”

“As serious as I can be.”

“Is that supposed to imply something? Because I don’t’ get it.”

That earned him a little shove on his shoulder from Yoochun.

“Hey! What is this violence for!?”

“What violence? Don’t be ridiculous, Changmin. I have seen you and Jaejoong doing your one touch thing. Now, THAT is violence.”

“You punched me, you know.”

“You earned it with effort.”

“I’m not going to forget it so easily.”

Yoochun stood on his tiptoes and whispered into Changmin’s left ear, slowly and with a husky voice, “I am sure you won’t”. Changmin could even feel the grin mixed with Yoochun’s hot breath.

He had already forgotten.


Kiwinotes: Thanks to guu_dammit for being a surprise beta for it hahaha <3 you are so nice.
By the way, Changmin froze because Yoochun finished his sentence and he thought Yoochun had told him *Fuck me*, so yeah, that's why, i guess you got it anyways without me telling you haha.
This is mainly a fic( i have been working o na little comic to go with it , but it will take sometime even if it's simple) so, this does not have spot!pic, ok? Just did the little banner thingy,this doesn't count as an art post( which are the ones with spot!pics), either way, i hope you enjoyed it :).

OH and also!

Got to dbsk_secretgame and vote for the 2009 partner challenge , give it some love, yeah? :D

Happy new year everybody ; D
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