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cannonball. (yoochun/changmin)
4 224 words. pg. au.
◦ contest entry for the 2009 partner challenge at [info]dbsk_secretgame
◦ With the beautiful writing from florentineeggs, be sure to give her some loving , just click on *cannonball* :) to read the fic
originally posted here



First picture of yunho, i wanted it to look dream-like, since this whole fic falls into the dream world kindda easily, ah~ the twilight zone. Yoochun's point of view( his eye yeah, you can see in the corners).


Second one, with Yoochun and Jaejoong, it's supposed to be in the *real world* that's why the colours are less on the blue palette and more into the warm one, yet it still is blurry because, well, are you even sure this was the real world to start with? i am not sure yet XD.


Last one, Changmin about to whisper on Yoochun's ear, it's a mix of dream and reality, so the warm colours are mixed with the blues and violets, everything looks pretty much unreal, what can i say :)

Didn't have much time to work on this so well, i tried my best ,and i am glad ppl voted for our entry!! Thank u so much :) .We won best Yoochun and best Junsu (an irony if you keep in mind it is a Yoomin fic hahahaha) and second best Changmin :)
I am actually pretty proud of the result :)
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