0kiwi0 (0kiwi0) wrote in city_of_gods,

Title: Living in greyscale
Length:431 w
Pairing: Yoochun x Changmin, ot5
Rating:PG (swearing??)
Genre: AU, comic mix
Comment: entry on hushedembers for the Makeawish contest .


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The young man started coughing and you thanked God for it.

"YOU! you dumbass! are you out of your mind?! jumping into the Han river in the middle of February! Snow hasn't even started melting yet, for gods sake!. And what with the shirt? are you even human, does cold not affect you at all?"

He coughed a little more until he finally spoke .

"I didn't jump in, dumbass, i tripped and fell in while I was running away from you! "

"Then don't go fucking stealing things from others!!"

He opened his eyes and went mute again , gazing at the landscape.

"You did this?"

"Did what?"

"The colour. I have never seen so many colours at once ,wow."


"You are a painter yet you don't know what colours are, how did you manage to colour this place at once without even knowing that? "


"Wow you really don't know a thing, that's amazing! such potential! Can't wait to tell Jaejoong Hyung. HEY HEY! WAIT! where are you going?!"

"Somewhere i can feel my damn feet. I swear you will pay if i get a cold out of this."

He grins

"Think of it as a present. Happy birthday."

"Getting a cold is hardly a present ,thank you , and it is not my birthday yet."

"Then let it be your No-Birthday."

"Do you listen to yourself when you talk?"

"Haven't had the need to."

He keeps his grin in place.

"I want my watch back"



"I want my watch back. Yoochun. that's my name."

Oh the nerve of this guy.

"Give it back already! damnit."

He pouts like a 4 year old kid and , god, is he for real?

"But it's purple! purple is such a hard colour to find! erm what's your name?"



He makes his pout impossibly cuter and you are torn in between the cuteness of it and the imperative need to kick him hard.

"Come on, i will get you some dry clothes and something warm to drink, our apartment is nearby."

"Do you really think i am going to follow the person who in less than 5 mintues has stolen and made me get into the Han river in full blown winter?"

"I think you don't want to end like an ice cube, so yes, I do."

He wins but you still get to kick him.

He looks at you with wide open eyes and mouth.

Think of it as a present. Happy Birthday.

You both grin.

Kiwinotes: Well, this waskind of shorter than i expected, and i left it rather open, what can i say XD. And for those who want to know why purple is so strange and hard to find, it's easy( my mind is simple).* We gotta purple like that*, just that XD.
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