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Title: upper flower
Rating: Pg?
Comment : the magnae is still so cute


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Artist: Pierrot
Title: Upper Flower
Words: Kirito
Music: Jun

This clear idea came to me
as countless blooming flowers spread out before me,
blooming all over with vivid colors
as if drawing near me.

I'll give you the power to draw a miracle
with your resigned fingertips.
Whenever you look back I'll be here.
Even if you have to combat those in your way,
you'll proceed on.

Everything around you seems to lose color,
and starts to change as if it was all a lie,
bringing your sense up a level.

Now the angel who draws the miracles,
touches you on the shoulder when you're frightened.
Whenever you look back, I'll be here.
Even if you have to combat adversity,
you'll proceed on.

"Let's pleasure together"

like a story, it's the stimulation which matters most
bringing your sense up a scale.

Now that you've been awakened,
you can make the miracles happen for you wherever you go.
Whenever you look back, I'll be here.
and we'll start off on the gradation we painted together.

Translated By: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma




He might say that he is pretty much the most grown up in the group, and sometimes he even makes you believe it, but it's in moments like this when you remember that he is the maknae and that( want it or not) he is just a big( nobody can deny this ) ball of cuteness .

You keep holding his flushed face while he looks at you with those big questionign eyes.

Yc: Our changmin is still so cute~~

He shoves away your hands and looks everywhere but your face.

Cm: Shut your trap you...you ...sap! you took me by surprise, and i am definitely not cute, i am very manly, look at me, i could crush you!

Yc: then it's ok if i warn you before hand? but where is the fun in that?!and you wish, you know, size is not all that important.

Cm: Is that what you tell to the ones you shag, huh?

That earns him a punch on the shoulder.

Yc: YAH!

Cm: That was a spot on right? hah!

Yc: You know you look much cuter when your mouth is closed.

Cm: oh do i?

Yc: yeah, definitely.

Cm: gonna do anythign 'bout it?mm?

He raises one eyebrow and smirks, he is searching for a fight.

You are glad to give in.

kiwinotes: A little soemthing something for the spring start! :)Wow it's been a while(not since i last posted ) but since i created this comm( read shigai's post about hers ^^) and i passed by its bday, which is just on Changmin's Bday haha( how unexpected coming from me, yeah? right?) lol
SO, it's been already a year and a month! Time passes by so fast! :) I am really glad you( members, watchers, ppl) keep coming back here to appreaciate my art, it makes me really happy :) and i hope it makes you happy too! that's why i created this community , right? ^^

Hope you all take care and enjoy your spring break, because i will not be able to ;O; damn teachers. But at least my bday is coming up! so i will be able to celebrate with friends ^^

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