0kiwi0 (0kiwi0) wrote in city_of_gods,

Title: Evisu genes
Who: Yunho
Notes: bringing cuter stuff than i have lately . Version of *this photo*



Kiwinotes: First of all, for those who have not watched Running man, or haven't planned to, i HIGHLY recommend, god i have laughed SO MUCH, lololol the boys were hilarious and so cute!( specially yunho, ahh <3, such a great cute lider you are). Second, i can't believe i will be able to watch Changmin's drama in about a few hours !!!! so much time waiting fot it. 3rd and last, I listened to some of Jyj's songs, so far i like Pierrot, haven't had time to hear all, but pierrot was nice :), i am not one for ballads normally so lol i dont' care much for em, sorry guys D:, but yeah, ballads.... nowadays only park hyoshin's ballads are worth my time, i am such a picky listener XDDDD.

Hope you like this little yunho!, like well, you all know i am bad at drawing him but i think that in SD style is not all that bad LOLOL and we are talking about super deformed here, so it does not say anything good about my skills drawing yunho HAHAHHAHA, why so lame kiwi D:. The actual drawing( yunho specifically speaking) is 9,5 cm in heigh , so yeah, miniature compared to this, I love my scaner : D. But yeah, it's a perfectly fine bookmark( which is its purpose to begin with).
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