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Title: 5 Times Jung Yunho Stares at Kim Jaejoong
Author: Writer mearii87 art by 0kiwi0
Length: 956 w
Pairing: Jaeho ( Yunho POV)
Rating:PG 13
Genre: AU college, fluff
Notes: follow up to my previous story *unknown* which is written( by me lol) in Jaejoong's POV. Thanks tomearii87 for doing a collabo with me even if i did make her wait a great deal of time D:.


The first time Jung Yunho stares the Man Who Is Too Beautiful For Words, it’s freshman orientation and Yunho is searching desperately for a bathroom.


The Man is an upperclassman, chuckling at the first years as they bumble around campus frantically. Yunho tries to look suave and cool and experienced, but ends up sprawled on the grass with a view of the sky that is a particularly happy shade of blue. He glares at it (because it has no right to be so cheerful whilst he wallows in his misfortune,) and resists an urge to scream incoherently. He has no luck.


He picks himself up and gathers his books, not bothering to look to where the Man is watching, because he doesn’t want to see the mirth he’s sure is there. His blush doesn’t fade for hours and it makes for some very awkward glances when he finally does find a rest room.

The second time Jung Yunho stares at the Man, it’s from across the cafeteria. Yunho watches him sit down with his friends and laugh over something (girls? professors? Yunho hopes they aren’t laughing at him,) and he unconsciously whimpers around a mouthful of sushi.

“Dude,” his roommate says, poking him with a chopstick covered in soy sauce, “You’re staring.”

“Shut up,” Yunho blushes.

His roommate coos.

“Yoochun, shut up.”
An arm is slung about his shoulders, “His name is Jaejoong,” Yoochun says, “and you can thank me for knowing by buying me beer for the weekend.”

Yunho bought him a whole keg, plus a bottle of wine, and didn’t bother asking how Yoochun had discovered Kim Jaejoong’s name. Sometimes, in regards to his roommate, it was better to not know.

The third time Jung Yunho stares at Kim Jaejoong, Yunho was trying very hard not to slide into his accent as he becomes frustrated with the librarian who is explaining to him that they didn’t have very many books on constellations.
“You can try the children’s section,” she suggests wryly, and leaves him to it.
“Some librarian you are,” Yunho mumbles, and heads off to the children’s non-fiction, scouring the shelves for anything remotely related to the constellations. He would even be okay with stars, or space in general; seeing as his paper was due the next day, he wasn’t going to be picky.

There’s a loud thump, just as he pulls a book about Mars off the shelf, and he looks up to see the Jaejoong bending to pick up an encyclopedia he had dropped. Yunho stares unashamedly as Jaejoong collects his things before leaving, and wonders how he had lived without it (without the perfectly cut hair, or the flawless skin, or the doe eyes, or the groomed hands, or god, Jaejoong’s lips; Yunho wonders what it would be like to kiss them.)


Unable to bear it, he looks upwards at the tiled ceiling of the library and shouts, “Help me already!”

The librarian kicks him out and bans him for a whole month.

The fourth time Jung Yunho stares at Kim Jaejoong, Yunho was in the middle of a mental breakdown. Not only had he managed to lose access to the library, but in his plea for help, had failed to mention what he needs help on, and whom his plea is directed towards.

He can’t stop staring at the generally perfect form of one Kim Jaejoong and hasn’t (as of yet) been able to work up the courage to say hello (by which he means, “I think you’re beautiful and we should go out.”)

He is about to turn and go bemoan of his troubles to Yoochun and a bottle of whiskey, when he hears a little sigh from behind him. He turns, and is momentarily shocked to find Kim Jaejoong standing directly behind him and looking very determined.


His eyes widen as Jaejoong stands on his tip toes and slides one hand (passionately) behind Yunho’s neck and another (gently) down his jawbone.Jaejoong’s eyes close and Yunho’s brain misfires as their lips meet.

Yunho tries to think, but finds that he can’t. Semi-delirious with the feel of Jaejoong’s lips against his, and the scent of him all around,Yunho kisses back, grasping at Jaejoong’s arms and elbows, wondering if it was real. Jaejoong pulls away, finally, leaving Yunho breathless.

He tries to think of something to say as Jaejoong smiles at him.

“You looked like you needed a kiss,” Jaejoong breathes, his cheeks flushed and his eyes sparkling. His hands are still caressing Yunho’s cheeks.

Yunho takes a shuddering breath (let’s go out together, can you kiss me again, you’re so beautiful), but Jaejoong is walking away before anything can be said.

Yunho watches him, shocked, until he realizes what happened. And then he starts to laugh, because really, the whole situation is positively hilarious.

It wasn’t the sign he had been looking for, and he had no idea who exactly had helped him (Yoochun’s face popped into his head for a second before it was quickly dismissed,) but Yunho was glad.

He was so very glad.

The fifth time Jung Yunho stares at Kim Jaejoong, they’re meeting up for a date.

“You’re beautiful,” he says, and Jaejoong laughs.

“You’re handsome.”

They grin and kiss, tentatively, before Yunho takes Jaejoong’s hand and tugs him into a restaurant where he spends the entire dinner staring at Jaejoong’s perfectly cut hair, his flawless skin, his doe eyes, his groomed hands, and god, his lips. Yunho is quite sure that he will never be able to kiss Jaejoong too much, or stare at him too long, or hold him too tightly.

In fact, he knows that he’ll never, ever, want to stop.


*EDIT* forgot i had some extras haha


Kiwinotes: Omg, i had this delightful story that mearii87 sent me for like , several months D:,shame on me!, i still hope she likes it :)tho, i certainly loved it! i was so happy when she said she wanted to do a little spin off :DDD, the thing is, lol, YUNHO Xd, the boy, wae are you so hard to draw lolol, but well i think they turned out pretty well considering he is my weak spot and also i don't do realism , i think he is....recognizable... to some levels LOL, but whatever, i found this very very sweet and Yunh is such a loser i can't even begin to tell you how adorable i find it XDDDD( like today when eh explained he, accidentally threw his laptop into the tube lol, way to go, yunho) <33333333.

May you enjoy your tiem here :)

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