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신시- City of Gods
13th-Oct-2011 12:48 am
Title: Tone
Artists: 0kiwi0
Pairing: None, Changmin
Rating: pg: 13 ish?
Comment : semi nudity( yet again lol), prize for blurmeese



Kiwinotes: Hi everybody! it's been a while( i have been busy!)

First of all i want to apologize to blurmeese for giving the second part of the prize so late, sorry m (_ _) m , hope you like it tho!

I have not drawn changmin in so long( 3 months!) , i need to get used to it again because the DBSK BIG BANG is just around the corner( i am so excited) even if i will not be participating with the writer i was planning to from the start( yet we will finish our project sooner or later, even if it's not for the big bang ) so now i have plenty of choices, i wonder what the writers have stored for us this year!! Hope to find a jewel there :).
Next week i officially start my creative illustration master so i hope to bring my mojo back and draw a lot lot lot <3
In other news i think i still have like, 2 postcard sets left XD dunno, i think it won't be a good idea to bring them to the JYJ concert here in barcelona ( which i will attend) being them Cahngmin only... i am actually afraid of JYJ fans in general XD, i like the boys but yeah, jyj only fans scare me a little( i know not everybody is nuts ) but yeah... can't help it XD Hope the boys have a great time here( which will be difficult...sometiems i am so embarrased of being spanish).
Lol i have so little faith on my ppl, it's pretty sad.

But well, anyways, It's nice to be back here :)
13th-Oct-2011 11:17 am (UTC)
omg! I already got the postcards but i'm also going to the JYJ barcelona concert we should then for sure! =D
And once again you made a beautiful picture!
Are you going to do a JYJ one or not? Cause I always wished for you to do a solo of Jae ;A; see you at the concert!
14th-Oct-2011 12:57 am (UTC)
Hey there!, we shoudl totally meet up over there! tho i dunno if i will be on the venue soon because i work taht day XD i might just go before the concert acutally starts... we should excahnge nubmers and such or i will tell you aroudn which tiem i will be there( i still dunno lol)

Ah i am so poor right now XD, woudl love t do the psotcards but money+time D:, nt enough, but i could do some other event on my comm other time, events are always fun : D
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