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Title: Practice
Length: 120 w ( shortshort)
Pairing: yoomin
Rating: G
Genre: friendship, daily life scenes.
Summary: Work is less tiring with the ones you love around.

This is for yeoboseyo ^^




CM: I know i told you i would be there for dinner but we have been practicing until now...yes mom...yes....I am really sorry, will make it up to you as soon as we get some days off...yes mom, I love you too.


YC: Hey Minnie-ah! We are heading to the closest shop open to find anything to stuff ourselves, wanna join???
CM: Do you even have to ask?
YC: HAHAH yeah, I don't know why i did it, Minniezilla. You would eat a whole elephant yourself if given the chance, wouldn't you? hahaha, aishhh .
CM: hahaha, well... who knows... i wonder how it would taste....
YC: Now, seriously. Get up , it's late and i am starving.

Tags: changmin, yoochun
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