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Title: Exhaustion.
Length: 479 w
Pairing: yoomin
Genre: friendship, daily life scenes.
Summary: Work is less tiring with the ones you love around... but it still is tiring.
Notes: Might as well try to do this kind of daily life scenes from now on?.... hope you like it ^^ This one goes to readyforever; D



Finally, I found the damn bastard. He was resting in what seemed a pile of clothes. Most of them borrowed, I could see Jaejoong's new jacket from afar(oh! how pissed would he be if he were to find out! haha) . The PV set was not huge but Changmin ( I don't know how) was able to make it THIS hard to find him.

YC: Hey, sleepy head!
CM: ...

I shook his elbow, and he seemed to react...

CM: nghh....

...Or so i thought.
He put on one of his contorted faces. It would have actually been pretty cute if he had not been missing for two hours and a half while we were supposed to be shooting the new PV.
I shook his elbow again, but this time with more force until Changmin finally started opening his eyes.

CM: ... ughhh- he hid his face on the mess of clothes-...hyung...I am so tired~~

He raised his head and looked into my face, his eyes still filled with slumber.

YC: We all are, Changmin-ah.

He sat and rubbed his eyes, I bent down and put an arm over his shoulders.

YC: What is this?- I said pointing to the pile of clothes...and bags? (where did he borrow that?!)- Are you fucking nesting, Minnie-ah?- A grin dancing on my lips.

Changmin was still obviously affected by the long nap. No snarky remark left his lips.

CM: Hyung, How much time have i been out?

Oh, time to get serious again.

YC: Two hours and a half.
CM: Two hours and a half?- slowly his facial expression changed to one of realization and probably utter desperation- OMG ! TWO HOURS AND A HALF!!!! YUNHO IS GOING TO KILL ME!

He made a ball of himself and covered with the blanket.
A* please kill me* could be heard from behind the piece of cloth.
I kicked off the blanket and put him into a sitting position again. He would not let me remove his hands from his face though.

CM: This is 1000 times...no, 10.000 times worse than when i accidentally shut his mobile phone!

He then looked at me horrorized.

CM: He is going to break my back!!

Because of him the shooting had been delayed, and that meant a lot more pressure on our already stressing schedules, but I could relate to his state, all the 4 of us could, He just had the bad luck to be the first one to fall.

YC: Just go and say sorry to everybody, you are not helping the matter by staying here any longer, you know.
YC: Don't worry, I will talk to Yunho myself if it gets out of hand, ok? come on.
CM: yeah...let's go...

I patted his shoulder and guided him where everybody was .


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